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The 2017 Big Draw Festival

Wickham Market Arts Project is a not-for-profit arts organisation with a mission to create the conditions where arts, crafts and culture can flourish for the benefit and wellbeing of everyone in our village and the surrounding area.

Our first ARTS project is a festival of art to be held on Saturday 21st October 2017,

10am - 4pm. All ages and abilities are welcome to roll up their sleeves and have some fun at THE BIG DRAW, the world’s largest participation drawing event. The event is being held in the following locations: Village Hall, EAST ANGLIAN TRADITIONAL ARTS CENTRE, Drawing on the Hill and All Saints Church.There will also be art exhibitions of local artists work both contemporary and traditional including drawings by our most famous East Anglian artist John Constable no less.

If you are a practicing artist and hold courses or workshops locally we would very much like to hear from you. We are in the process of building a website that will feature and promote artists work, coming events and new projects. For more information email

Our aim is to support and encourage Arts and Cultural initiatives whilst making them accessible and appropriate to everyone.

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