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Proposed Thomas Churchyard Study Group/ Club/ Appreciation…

Churchyard Thomas copy.jpg

and a Book to accompany Woodbridge Museum Exhibition, 2022

The study group will look at various topics connected with Thomas Churchyard and carry out a re-appraisal of his work. Volunteers welcome to assist with research.

The proposed book will have more focus on his style, artistic output, influences and followers than in previous books

Topics for the study group

  1. Family history.

  2. Military history connections with family and Woodbridge. 

  3. Topography- Woodbridge and the Deben- walking routes- locations.

  4. Social history of the area. The Almanacs, prints

  5. Churchyard matters- legal cases, finance.

  6. List and review all his known Exhibited works

  7. Personal family life

  8. Women – Mrs Churchyard and the daughters. What role did they play, significance as artists.

  9. Contemporary literature- Barton, Crabe, FitzGerald etc…

  10. Contemporary accounts of Woodbridge life from news articles, book club

  11. Churchyard as a collector. Contemporary Auction reports. Who were his influences, where did he see other paintings.

  12. His environment and interest in the natural world. 

  13. Stylistic identification, paint analysis.  


The book will cross over with some of these topics. But to include

  1. Recognition of TC as a pioneer impressionist

  2. Topography

  3. Churchyard’s circle and painting friends

  4. Context with regards John Constable miss-identification

  5. Stylistic analysis

  6. Techniques and closer look at working methods

  7. Appendix with technical reports, auction reports, his exhibited works

  8. Maps of locations

  9. Bibliography

  10. Places to see more Churchyard work- Christchurch Mansion Anglesea Abbey, Tate Britain,   

  11. Thanks


Published and Online catalogue to have overview of all Thomas Churchyard and family artworks as a guide for identification of works. Sold at auction listing. His copies of other artists’ works.


Titles - Thomas Churchyard – The Natural Painter.  


Deadlines. Text by Feb 22, research deadlines leading up to then

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