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Part 1 - Drawn in Suffolk - Introduction

Harry Becker (1865 to 1928)             

Only 18 months after Harry Becker's death in 1928, the Keeper of Paintings and Drawings at the Victoria and Albert Museum was expressing surprise that such distinguished work could be so undervalued and so little known. Becker's admirers have been expressing the same surprise ever since. Becker was particularly prominent as a lithographic artist and a founder member of the Senefelder Club which included most of the leading lithographers of the day amongst its membership. His original lithographs were mostly produced between 1895 and 1915 and in editions of less than 50. Becker lithographs are prized today as they were produced in small numbers with the total involvement of the artist and each work has an individual character. The artist draws the image in reverse on a large smooth stone, which is then inked and put through the press and proofed. A rework can be carried out and ink and paper variations tried by the artist. The image on the stone does not have a long life and it is then resurfaced smooth for the next drawing.

George Thomas Rope (1846 to 1929)

Born in Blaxhall, Suffolk the son of a farmer and merchant he remained based in the county all his life. His early interest in drawing and natural history led to a lifetime recording in words and pictures ‘Country Sights and Sounds’ which is fittingly the title of a book he produced in 1915. He died the year after Becker.

Many of his field sketches featuring animals are included in the Exhibition which provides an opportunity for local admirers to obtain a work at reasonable cost.

Leonard Squirrell  (1893 to 1979)

Well-known for his views of Suffolk and beyond, after training at the Slade Squirrell exhibited at most of the major galleries. His finished watercolours are technically proficient but in his sketches are to be found the seeds of ideas for the studio works, a process used by John Constable. Here we offer from private Collections a selection of his drawings at competitive prices. Many have interesting colour notes and provide an insight into his working methods.

An objective of this Exhibition is to provide a welcome diversion from the events of the moment, and it should be noted prices have been kept attractive, especially considering the fact that the works are well researched, framed ready to hang and have no added premium charges, unlike an auction price which is often plus 30%!

Please telephone or email for full descriptions, Thank you,   John Day


We also have a very good Collection of books on Suffolk and East Anglian Artists, listing on request or check our selection here.

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