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Art on the Farm

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Art on the Farm - Art exhibition at the Museum of East Anglian Life

East Anglia has a very strong farming heritage and it is only natural artists from the area were inspired to paint and draw subjects depicting Rural Life. This Exhibition has drawn together works to celebrate the new ‘Heritage Farm’ project at the Museum of East Anglian Life.

Included are pictures of the famous Suffolk Punch horse, Red Poll cattle and Suffolk sheep. Most of these works date from the 19th century and illustrate how the Museum is building up the Heritage aspect of the new Farm project, which will open later this year. Looking at these paintings of large animals alongside the pictures of both domestic and wild animals we can understand how important the natural world was in those days. Adults and children will benefit by connecting with the animals on the Heritage Farm, learning about the food chain, how it can be organically produced and the treatment of livestock with consideration.

 The delightful images of small animals by George Thomas Rope of Blaxhall from farmyard and countryside will give pleasure to all who see the Exhibition. We are fortunate a large number of his works have survived, together with comprehensive documentation of his life’s work as an Artist and Naturalist, some of this material will also be on view from the Day Collection.

This Exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view pictures by George Thomas Rope in the same building as the George Ewart Evans archive room at the Museum of East Anglian Life. Grove Farm, at Blaxhall in East Suffolk, was Rope’s home and features in the books of Ewart Evans, and both men would have known the local farm workers. Much of Ewart Evans’ research centred on farming practices and farm worker’s lives in this area. This archive of local photographs, recorded voices, together with the current ‘Art on the Farm’ Exhibition bring the past to life and help us understand our East Anglian heritage and the variety of animals which contributed to it.

‘ART ON THE FARM’                                

30th MARCH to NOVEMBER, 2019

An Exhibition of works featuring Animals on the Farm

Museum of East Anglian Life

Abbot’s Hall, Crowe Street, Stowmarket IP14 1DL

For SatNav users please enter IP14 1DE or search for

‘Iliffe Way’  0144961229

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